Break the Cycle

In a grim, dystopian near future a woman lies in a hospital bed, slowly dying; her condition a result of complications arising from a hit & run accident fifteen years before.

Unable to see her in such pain, her doting husband, Linden Connor, decides he must track down an OUROBOROS watch; an extraordinary but illegal device which enables the user to travel through time.

Determined to save his wife's life, Linden travels back to the year 2013 to stop the accident that will leave his future wife paraplegic and dying.

But soon Linden finds himself stuck in the suffocating paradoxes of time travel and discovers that changing the past is not as simple as he first thought. Can he break the cycle and save his wife?

OUROBOROS is a short science fiction film to be produced in Brisbane Australia in late 2013, written and directed by Henry Boffin and produced by Liam Heyen.

Break the Cycle